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Achieve Success as a Salon Entrepreneur

Turn Your Salon Into a Thriving and Profitable Business  


We want to help you get THOUSANDS of dollars for your business through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

You can qualify for the ERC (a government program that is part of the CARES act) and receive funds for your business.... It’s not a loan, it’s a credit!

We’ve worked with salon owners just like you and helped them get between $72,000 and $645,000!
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Learn proven strategies to make your salon successful and prosperous

Go from “just making it” to leading a high-performing salon and team.

Owning a salon isn’t easy... you’ve got to try to keep your team happy and focused, find ways to attract new clients, and keep up with ever-changing trends.

Add in the fact that only 5% of salons nationwide are profitable and you’ve got multiple challenges that you face as a salon owner. 

However, those challenges can become opportunities for success when you have the right systems, knowledge, and strategies in place working for you.


The Salon accelerator was created to empower you with the coaching, tools, and education you need to create a successful and prosperous salon business.

Hi! We are Naomi and Shannon, the founders of Be Better Salon Accelerator.

​Collectively we have over 25 years of salon experience. With 14 years of experience owning salons (over 10 years of that experience with multiple locations), we know what it takes to succeed as a salon entrepreneur.

​We've managed over 65 employees- and have done it all from hiring and training to growing an exceptional management team.

​We've taken our years of experience and created a program to help you to create success in your own salon.

​We teach you the fundamentals and beyond from creating and cultivating salon systems to developing a positive culture, hiring, training, budgeting, profitability, and leadership skills.

Join us!

Be a part of our network of successful salon business owners


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When you join the 12 week Salon Accelerator Course you’ll learn how to be in control of your salon. 

We give you easy-to-use tools to figure out your current challenges and how to turn those into opportunities to create success. 

 We focus on every important area of the salon business, including:

  • Salon KPI’s
  • Hiring and training
  • Leading your staff 
  • Social media and marketing 
  • How to be profitable 
  • and much more 


Your salon will become the best place to work and as an owner, you’ll love your job again! 


We work with you in a group setting so that you can share ideas and thoughts with other like-minded salon owners. 

We also dial it in for your individual needs with one-on-one coaching. 

You graduate from the course prepared to become a high-performing entrepreneur with a thriving salon business.

"This program totally changed my business, I was at a standstill in my business and needed to learn how to grow. This program totally blew my mind! It is worth every penny."

Course Graduate

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